Beautiful electrical accessories

Recognising a gap in the market for stylish electrical accessories, director Abbe Popadich began importing international light switch products into New Zealand and Australia over 7 years ago. More recently she turned her attention to developing a range combining international and local expertise and focused on complementing Australasian architectural and interior sensibilities. THOM was born.

THOM light switches combine beautiful British mechanisms and leading edge technology with New Zealand craftsmanship to produce a range of bespoke light switches unique on the local market.

The switches are hand crafted, hand polished or cast from raw metals to complement a range of interiors. Finishes are inspired by architectural line and form, or from the metals themselves like the THOM Cast Brass – an exquisite finish where the natural veins and crevices of the casting process and the brass metal itself are on show and preserved under a hand applied lacquer. 

Other finishes speak to interior and exterior detailing like concrete, dark and light wood paneling/cladding and veneers. Or to delicate, luxury interior accents like bright copper and brushed brass. 

Light switches are a highly visible and reoccurring detail throughout an interior, however through lack of choice, they forcibly become the forgotten detail. We seek to change that - offering light switches in tune with the detailing of the most considered architectural and interior projects.

Power, audio and data outlets are available to compliment the complete range of light switch finishes.

THOM light switches switch and dim across halogen, incandescent and importantly energy effecient LED lighting.

Product is compliant to AS/NZS electrical and EMC standards.

We love local. All faceplates are manufactured in New Zealand. All casting takes place at a specialist Auckland based foundry.